Why We Left Social Media

Like a growing number of companies who have left social media recently, we too decided to dedicate our energies and resources into the matters our customers’ voiced most important – their well-being.

Once upon a time our entire social media audience would see every single post we carefully curated. Gradually, the algorithms changed – and while we posted in the same fashion – audience engagement plummeted. But we learned we were not alone, with a new report that confirmed engagement rates are in decline.

The British cosmetics brand LUSH, who recently quit social media said:

“Increasingly, social media is making is harder and harder for us to talk to each other directly. We are tired of fighting with algorithms, and we do not want to pay to appear in your newsfeed.”

Enter the Era of “Pay to Play”

With the new (and constantly evolving) algorithm changes, there are reports of engagement rates dropping to a mere six percent, unless of course… you pay to play (boost posts). However, given more brands are now ‘paying-to-play’, it’s creating a similar effect – the more content we add, the less it is seen. A tremendous amount of time, effort, energy and money is poured into social media, yet in a twist of irony, none of this expenditure and effort has a direct benefit on our customers’ physical well-being. The sole reason we exist as a company, our founding principle, is to benefit our customers’ well-being through natural performance nutrition.

But before making the decision to leave social media, we asked our audience:

“Why do you buy SYGENIX and what makes you return to use SYGENIX?”

Not one of the replies we received were attributed to our social media initiatives. Consumer feedback was an overwhelming consensus of product quality; our unique gourmet flavour profile, the natural ingredients we use, our clean label: grass fed cows, no hormones and our bioavailable, undenatured native whey protein, in addition to the results customers mentioned they gained using SYGENIX in their daily macronutrient regiment.

Astonishingly, not one person mentioned social media. And at that, we listened to the most value people in our business – you, the customer.

Committed to Health, Physical and Mental

At SYGENIX we’re in the business of making healthy, clean label natural performance nutrition. We do this to help our customers make healthy choices and to aid in their well-being. So when numerous reports emerged how social media negatively impacts mental health, we knew our decision (to leave social media) was congruent with our brand values. One report cited six major negative effects:

  1. It’s addictive
  2. Social media triggers more sadness and less well-being
  3. Comparing our lives to others is mentally unhealthy
  4. It can lead to jealousy and a vicious cycle
  5. We get caught in the delusion of thinking it will help
  6. More friends on social media doesn’t mean you’re more social

And it seems, according to the following reports, social media users have switched-on to the idea of switching-off:

According to the reports, in a carefully curated (and most often “Photoshopped”) world of social media imagery, users feel isolated and less value for themselves, and we don’t think this is cool. We’re also aware that social media is a numbers game.

For Those Who Read Ingredients, Not Emojis.

The natural ingredients inside SYGENIX will not decrease in any nutritional value based upon the lack of posts per day, number of likes, and/or how many shares we do (or don’t) receive, especially when Influencers promoting products are paid endorsements. That is, credibility and genuineness on social media is for sale.

From consumer feedback we’ve received, you told us what matters most to you – what we put inside SYGENIX protein powders. The “quality of our natural ingredients” and our “gourmet milkshake flavours” you said, were the two primary reasons that help you achieve your nutritional goals and why you said you return to buy SYGENIX products.

Life After Social Media

While we’ve always been active at trade shows, in-store sampling, and strategic at appointing the right-fit Distributor to match our brand values, we’re expanding into the direct to consumer model where soon, you can buy online with worldwide shipping to your door.

Once we start selling online we’ll be available at most hours of the day via live chat for true “social interaction” in real time. In the meantime, and as always, our emails are personalised and prompt in reply. Contact us anytime here.